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Sanitisation & Disinfecting Services for Homes, Offices, Schools and more.

Thermal Disinfecting Service

• Kills 99.9% of all bacteria, germs & viruses
• Suitable for all property types
• Only the best thermal fumigation equipment used
• Highly trained technicians

Disinfectant & Environmental Control – COVID-19

Even before infectious diseases such as COVID-19 became a global concern, Smart Pest has been neutralising ‘Spatial Environments’ for many years – SAFELY!

Thermal disinfecting services

SUGGESTED GUIDELINES – Preventative treatment includes:


  1. A total disinfection & sanitising service which kills 99.9% of all bacteria, germs and viruses including the COVID-19 virus, once the ‘micro-encapsulated’ particles of the chemical formulations blend with the surface through a process called ‘sorption’.
  2. Chemicals that are distributed via a thermal device and through smoke/fumes, thereby ensuring the settlement of ‘micro-encapsulated’ particles settle on all surfaces and ‘nooks & crannies’.
  3. Micro-encapsulated formulations released over a period of time, depending on weather and traffic and which determines the frequency of treatment.
  4. Treatment & chemicals that do not increase the humidity which would
    result in fungicide development and defeating the objective.
  5. All floor surfaces/carpeted areas treated via contact spray on initial treatment.
  6. Specialised deep cleaning service to carpet & cloth chairs, prior to chemical intervention.
  7. All technicians geared with adequate/suitable PPE gear and utilise relevant THERMAL FUMIGATION EQUIPMENT to effectively treat all areas in a given space.
  8. All service personnel with a background in Health & Safety Services and be registered in terms of Act 37 of 1947.

In this way all public facilities such as schools, office blocks, warehouses, malls, retail, residential spaces, call centres, vehicles and any other property that could contain/harbour the virus are neutralised from the risk of contamination.


Criteria Considerations

“A company be a good corporate citizen and part of this is to look after the health and safety of employees (following the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and now government’s Disaster Management Act Regulations) – for example, were adequate steps taken in terms of the National State of Disaster declared by the President such as social distancing (working from home where feasible) and ensuring employees had access to masks, hand sanitisers and so on at work.”

Questions? Send us your details and we will contact you: