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Facts About Termites
  • Termite queens can live up to 50 years!
  • At her peak, she can produce an egg every 3 seconds.
  • After mating, the pair will never go outside and spend the rest of their lives in their nest.
  • Kings and queens mate for life, but if there is no queen, a king will release pheromones causing a queen to be developed within his colony.
Signs of a Termite Infestation
  • Damp around the bottom of the residence.
  • Excessive Ant Activity
  • Moist soil forming around the trees, in and around the garden.
  • Cracking of walls.
Termite Behavior
  • Termite comes from latin “wood” “worm”
  • General groupings are subterranean, soil-dwelling, drywood, dampwood, and grass-eating.
  • Subterraneans and drywoods are primarily responsible for damage to human-made structures.
  • Flying ants are actually termites on their “nuptule flight”
  • All termites eat cellulose in its various forms as plant fibre.
  • Nests are made using a combination of soil, mud, chewed wood/cellulose, saliva, and faeces.

The need for Termite Control

So you reach into the cupboard, and the cupboard was bare – not only bare but not even there? Its more than now you see it now you don’t – because it will be standing there right in front of you pretending all is well till you touch it and it turns to dust. True Story.

Controlling the Fly-By-Nights

So you are looking for a solution now and different Pest Management Professionals are offering different things. Take a moment to understand what is being offered.

TREATMENT 1: Treatment to all POSSIBLE entry points, this involves a lot of drilling through concrete. Expensive but largely effective.

TREATMENT 2: Partial Treatment applied to only those areas where the termites appear to be entering the building. Moderate cost involved – limited time guarantee (6 months – 1 year).

TREATMENT 3: Simply treat the wood in infested areas. Low cost – temporary solution. (up to 6 months)

Smart Pest Solutions offer a thorough inspection and will run through a variety of treatments suited to your problem, with maintenance and follow ups to keep your property in one piece.

Questions? Send us your details and we will contact you: